To have a conversation on the phone with a particular person you are not interested in but acting as though you are. Most commonly used when people are bored. It's basically talking just to talk.
"Man Johnny over there beef caking with that lean."
by Chels J April 16, 2008
Top Definition
A state in which a person expresses unwarrented rage and violence towards a person or persons who have slighted them in the smallest way. Typically does not result in severe bodily harm to the person(s) attacked, but often involves grunting, punches in the arm, and destruction of inconsequential items belonging to the attackees.
The Beefcake started beefcaking on me, because I drank some of his beer.
by Ben D. H. June 07, 2007
1. v. Pumping iron until the vein in your forehead throbs like a fire alarm

2. v. ridiculous posing in the 'beefcake bar' in the gym whilst not actually doing any exercise. See also - flexing, poncing, homoerotic posturing.
"Did you see Bertie beefcaking all evening by the bench the other day?"
by Bor15 Beefcake October 01, 2009
the act of doing something awesome
omfg dude you see that back flip that was beef caking right there
by crush :) November 21, 2011
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