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verb or noun. the female version of a teabag - usually delivered by a woman with a Chyna-sized vagina to an unsuspecting member of either gender. the woman's wizard sleeve can be delivered to any part of the head.
girl a: let's play chicken in the pool

girl b: no thanks, i saw what you did last time you played, and i'm not really in the mood to get beefbaged.
by Summit462 May 28, 2009
Slang for condom.
"Yo bro, you got a beefbag I can have? There's a hawt chick @ my crib."

"Yea bro, check my drawer, I just stocked up."
by frcknxdelicious May 18, 2010

A bag containing beef.


A jerk.
Noun: Bring the beefbag over here guys!

Adj: Wow! That guy is such a beefbag!
by M Tizzle Lizzle Yo July 01, 2011
Humourous alternative to cowbag meaning foolish female.
Samantha: I just crashed my car into a tree!
Julie: You beefbag!!
by Han and Jen October 21, 2005