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A synonym for phrases like oh shit, son of a bitch, damn it. Famously invented by Jessipoo who thinks anything to do with nuggets is comical, and also has an obsession with cows.
Jessipoo: "Awww beef nuggets I dropped my pencil."
Dezipoo: "you're such a tard-muffin, I LOVE IT!"
by TGPFTW October 01, 2011
a piece of poop, usually large in size and freshly dropped, that has a distinct beefy odor
Damn, dude. I walked in your bathroom and it smelled like someone went to the butchers, cooked off some beef nuggets and dropped them in your toilet.
by Jackson Pooplick February 01, 2010
crystal meth ! or Tina.
filipina//salvadorian kid.
part of the LUNCH CREW!
smaaaarty pie.
a rapper!
thinks CHRIS BROWN is a hottie!
Jaaaydee and Raeboo love Beefnugget !
by your name hoe August 31, 2008