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The juice used to flavor or marinate the world famous Yoshinoya Beef Bowl. For those that demand a more flavorful experience, the Beef Bowl can be ordered with extra beef juice. It has also become a synonym for ejaculate or semen.
Ray thrives solely on ladles of beef juice...and he likes the beef too!
by Goat Yoshinoya April 11, 2006
1. n. Juice that comes from any sort of cooked meat.

2. n. A name used to refer to someone acting in a toolish or shrewish manner. Commonly used to mock an idiot friend or aquiantance.
1. Mmmm, that is some tasty beefjuice from that Friendly's burger.

2. Yo, beefjuice, the pizza is here. Get downstairs and pick it up now.
by Matty E June 04, 2007
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