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the term 'beef flaps' is used in a derrogatory fashion to describe the female genitalia, as they tend to, (especially when a female is aroused) resemble two peices of flappy beef, between the legs of the woman.
'look at doreen's beef flaps, i bet you a tenner she hasnt shaved them in at least three weeks!'
by Tom C, Rich W, and Suzi S April 21, 2004
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Slang. A term used for a rather large, flappy pair of labia majora which resemble a dangly cut of beef. (Think of two flapping sirloin steaks)

'Beef flaps' are usually dark red in colour, look slightly raw and bloddy and have a lot of veins and sinew running through them.
I saw your mum's beef flaps the other day, they hung out the side of her bikini, it was rather sick, especially as i'd had sirloin steak for dinner.

Dedicated to my lovely housemates, Percy, Lex and Kieron ;-)
by Master of Definitions March 21, 2007
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the dangling lips of a massive meat hole that hang down like a turkey gobbler, often seen after the ham wallet has been thoroughly demolished
After I maxed that bitch last night, i sliced off some tender-ass beef flap for us to throw on the Weber tomorrow.
by Matt kaufman December 05, 2006
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