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1. it is the opposite of im just busting your balls and or female version of im just busting your balls.

2.it is a quick comeback to make fun of a guy implieing he doesnt have his manhood instead he has a vajj.
your friend is getting vagitated with something you said and you reply its ok buddy im just slapping your flaps.
by shoosterjama July 30, 2009
1. it is everything in life that is not performed correctly. everything from bad hand writing to shitty craftmanship.
it is the abortion you wish you had.

2. it is to suck at life
"man you are crapple sauce if i sucked as bad as you at life id kill myself"
by shoosterjama July 31, 2009
1. when someone of the male gender is complaining like a little school girl

2. a man who has female tendencies
so you and a co-worker are trying to get a job done and all he does is cry about how difficult it is. thats when i would say whats wrong buddy are you vagitated do you need a tampon to soak up all that leaking you mangina is doing
by shoosterjama July 30, 2009
this is when the vagina has a strikingly close resemblence to the roast beef at the deli usually found on a dick chicken hooker mouth. it sometimes even has the irradescent shine. this is caused by the vagina getting riddled with dicks
"man that dick chicken from last night had some staright up roast beef flaps what a hooker mouth it appears that her vagina has been riddled by a thoushand dicks".
by shoosterjama July 31, 2009
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