Sloppy vagina.
Dom Panetta orders tabasco sauce on the side when he gets sticky with beef curtains.
by 3rddd-floor-quad October 28, 2008
labia majora that appear beeflike
I had to slap that beef curtain like I was makin' some steak.
by J-Loco March 10, 2007
Reference to a vagina that has very saggy lips that are comparable to beef, and curtains, hence the name beef curtains. Often occurs after a lot of sex.
A porn star likely has beef curtains.
by Kiwi Pomerleau June 02, 2004
dangly bits on both sides of the vagina that hang downwards like piss flaps
your piss flaps are hanging down like a pair of beef curtainsmy dear
by jon December 29, 2003
The skin around a womens vagina that hangs down after excessive sexual activity with many men and/or objects.
The Beef Curtain hung to the floor.
by Ryan limmingsworth May 21, 2008
The Two labias covering the female vagina
(the big saggy parts that look like cheeks)
"Look bob! god that woman has saggy beef curtains!"
by Hayley is the sex July 06, 2006
A sentence for a guy who decides to screw or is drunk enough to screw a fat chick.
Who, dude, are you gonna bang that fat beeyotch?

Fo' shizzle!

Then it's beefcurtains for you!
by The Drizzle January 25, 2005

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