Extended and long hanging lavia, found on women that have been very sexually active.
That girl at the party, Tanner, had the longest beef curtains.
by Niglet32 July 19, 2011
Very large and droopy, even pendulous, vaginal labia.
My mom has the biggest pussy lips in the world; they're like a beef curtain.
by Mr. Tapeworm May 25, 2006
The left hand side flange (vagina) flap
Man, that girl beef curtain is super hairy
by Roo & Jess January 26, 2008
Women with unusually long labia.
That chick needs a three masted schooner to hoist those beef curtains.
by EH of HB September 03, 2007
Sloppy vagina.
Dom Panetta orders tabasco sauce on the side when he gets sticky with beef curtains.
by 3rddd-floor-quad October 28, 2008
The Two labias covering the female vagina
(the big saggy parts that look like cheeks)
"Look bob! god that woman has saggy beef curtains!"
by Hayley is the sex July 06, 2006
A distant cousin to the "beef blinds"
-My beef blinds are very sweaty and stinky today!

-Her beef blinds were hanging loosely, flapping in the wind.

-Play with my beef blinds.
by YouthTronix March 07, 2004
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