a piece of poop, usually large in size and freshly dropped, that has a distinct beefy odor
Damn, dude. I walked in your bathroom and it smelled like someone went to the butchers, cooked off some beef nuggets and dropped them in your toilet.
by Jackson Pooplick February 01, 2010
A synonym for phrases like oh shit, son of a bitch, damn it. Famously invented by Jessipoo who thinks anything to do with nuggets is comical, and also has an obsession with cows.
Jessipoo: "Awww beef nuggets I dropped my pencil."
Dezipoo: "you're such a tard-muffin, I LOVE IT!"
by TGPFTW October 01, 2011
crystal meth ! or Tina.
filipina//salvadorian kid.
part of the LUNCH CREW!
smaaaarty pie.
a rapper!
thinks CHRIS BROWN is a hottie!
Jaaaydee and Raeboo love Beefnugget !
by your name hoe August 31, 2008

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