The rotund shape of a fat woman's back starting from the shoulders with growing fat rolls multiplying toward her hips.
That bitch is towing a beehive!
by VegasOz September 23, 2005
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another cheltenham high school word.
a large, tightly packed, circle where people dance. it can be comprised of anywhere from thirty to one hundred people. the people are often grinding in the bee hive.
the bee hive at that dance was rather large
by yeahman3237 June 05, 2010
A replacement word for a swear word.
"I hate Erin, she is such a beehive!"
"Did you hear about how fake Kelsey is? What a beehive!"
"Josie is such a little beehive"
by delovelyyy June 29, 2009
When your doing a girl from the ass, and before you cum you pull out and cum into her hair, and then with your penis you twirl her hair into a sticky hairdo resembling a beehive

poontang tony danza cleveland steamer cinncinatti bow-tie angry pirate dirty sanchez roman helmet donkey punch bearded clam cunt pussy ass
while doing the prostitute in the anus i gave her a good ol' american Beehive!
by Abdulanbligada October 25, 2007
An electronic rock band from Seattle.
Did you hear the new Beehive CD?
by Aces22 April 16, 2007
the executive wing of New Zealand Parliament Buildings, shaped in the form of a beehive.

Can also be used to refer to the New Zealand government.
I heard that the Beehive is planning to raise GST to 15%.

I preferred Aunty Helen in the Beehive.
by lcmortensen June 06, 2010
a word generally associated with someone who has big frizzy hair that attracts all sorts of animals.
"Oh eww have you checked out that girls beehive,its huuuuge"
by wifey April 02, 2005
An excessively busy online room which can slow things down and sound like a beehive. (ie. a game with around 100 people in a room)
I was playing online and it was a total beehive.
by Zoomguy August 25, 2010

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