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Ones knowledge of sexual acts and acts performed in bed.

One can become beducated through the classical means of education such as reading books and watching movies, or just through good old fashion experience.
John was very pleased to discover the high level of beducation that his new girlfriend Stacey possessed.
by snowski December 25, 2009
A Beducation is a "Mattress Education". The word is trademarked in Canada by a company called Mattress Mattress.
A Beducation will take the confusion out of buying a new mattress.
by He Likes To Play May 14, 2011
the act of sleeping in instead of attending class because it is proven that one can become smarter through dreams and actually getting a decent amount of sleep. getting up at 6 in the AM just sucks!
Hey dude! are you going to school tomorrow??? we need to get a good education for when we go to Harvard

Naw man. im gonna get a BEDUCATION instead
by btom1718 November 05, 2010
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