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Bedn=Josh Bednowski. Josh Bednowski is a computer hacker that hacked a bunch of NG (newgrounds) accounts. His username on NG is Illicit_Jmbd. He also once took a trip to see Tom and Wade Fulp (creators of Other little internet geeks look at him as an idol and call him 1337 or teh hotzors.
OMG liek bedn is teh sexy.


Look at that, its Josh Bedn, the internet geek.
by Joe January 12, 2005
Bedn is a cadny thief and a h4xx0r.
Bedn staeled my cadny. Now I r sad. :(
by IAMCanadian April 09, 2005
A figure of both mythical worship and continual derision on the Newgrounds website. His image is constantly photoshopped and posted in a variety of humourous fashions, usually holding both his thumbs up. He is a hacker who befriended the creators of Newgrounds, but betrayed that trust by hacking several accounts on said site.

He is also reported to have stolen teh cadny, so guard your babies as they are most at risk.
"OMFG, Bedn stole my dialysis machine! He is teh Suxxors!"

"You aren't a hacker! Bedn laughs at you!"

"Look another photoshop topic. I'll add a pic of Bedn, that'll get me Kudos."
by Poppa_Boogaloo July 18, 2005
The 1337 name for Joshua Bend, a popular member of He is often seen in photoshop topics in the BBS, and is friends with the creators/administrators of the site, Tom and Wade Fulp. His most recent flash animation as to date is Oklahoma City Escapades, a very controversial game.
"OMFG! T3h Bedn!"

"Bedn's back!"

"I <3 Bedn"
by Rancorman February 14, 2005
an endlesly cool ng user who is teh leet h4x0r and pwns all the rest
BeDn bent tanner over and fucked him in the ass
by James December 01, 2003
Bedn-Teh f3king hawtz0rz
"OMFG, Bedn is teh f3cking h4wt."
by TheLameSauce January 27, 2005
A totally gay figure, with an almost religic definition on Newgrounds. He once hacked NG and now is mostly displayed as a ultra-fag person holding his thumbs up.
OMFG, Ir's Bedn! Hit the basement!!!

Everybody hates Bedn

Photoshop Bedn!!!
by MeMB January 30, 2005

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