Top Definition
1)A substitute for any bad word

2)Any of the sexual organs
David: god, u are such a fucking bedinger!
Cassie: your the biggest man whore ever
David: yes
Cassie: your an ass...
David: fuck u hard
Cassie: no beding me hard
David:asshole bitch fucking whorewhorebag scankface
Cassie: bedinger head
David: hooker
Cassie: cunt whore
David: broad bedinger u enjoy clevelend steamers
Cassie: dick
David: dick biting pussy stabber moaner pillow biter
Cassie: you would know
David: yea...i would
Cassie: I hate you...
David: and u keep playing with yer fucking bedinger infront of other guys u sell yer body for rape...
by Cassandra Lynn January 07, 2007
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