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The feeling you get when you fall asleep in daylight and wake up in the complete dark of night. Usually accompanied by slight dizziness and inability to balance yourself properly.
Friend: Hey, why're you walking in zig-zags?
Me: Damn it! Can't you see I'm bed lagged?
by Singularity November 16, 2009
The feeling of mental unawareness of what the time of day is after a long nap.
I'm sorry I was late to the movie, I experienced some serious bed lag and thought it was only five.
by Little Buddy Diapers January 22, 2011
A bedlag (not unlike jetlag) is a funny feeling associated to the subjective perception of time while asleep.
Someone who is experiencing a bedlag is usually thinking 'God, it's already morning in the country i left my alarm clock in!'
thom : how did you sleep last nite, mate ?
jonny : jolly good, in fact i had the worst bedlag in the morning.
thom : good one !
by feggman July 30, 2009

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