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more generally; one of the hottest girls you know but can never have.
That girl is such a becka, I wish she'd notice me.
by spiffy March 21, 2005
A girl who is immensly hot but you can never get her. She gets pleasure out of teasing guys sexually; She has the fittest body ever, one that you could die for and any guy is lucky to have her.
Guy 1: "Becka is so fit im gonna have to go for a wank in a minute"

Guy 2: "Same here. I wish she wud notice me"

Guy 3: "I still have wet dreams over her mate"
by Blub123456 February 03, 2009
one of the hottest blondes you know but you can never have
Wow, I wish that I had a girl like Becka.
by becka February 08, 2005
A very sexy girl who enjoys playing CSS and all of the Call of Duties.
Miss B: Chris... jag älskar dig.
Chris: Jag älskar dig också Becka <3
by Chris H... November 13, 2011
To spill your alcoholic beverage in your lap, making it seem that you have pissed yourself.
Man, i just pulled a Becka.
by Ryan Welch December 19, 2007
A skank who will sleep with anyone's boyfriend or husband without a second thought.
"Did you see that girl? The second his girlfriend went to the bathroom, she ran over and started grinding her skank ass on him."

"Ugh. What a Becka."
by Karenina August 28, 2012