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Somebody who uses social networking sites such as Bebo to prey on young girls and is a portmanteau of the words Bebo and peadophile.
My mate Jake is a right Bebophile....I heard he's going out with a 14 year old that he found on there
by Oatey February 28, 2007
Someone who spends a ridiculous amount of time on social networking sites such as Bebo.

The word comes from the name of social network site "Bebo" and the ancient Greek word "phile" meaning "to love".
Hurry up and get off there! You are such a Bebophile!
by BMX Bandit July 27, 2009
Using the popular Bebo social network to perv on hot younger woman.
Man your such a bebophile, perving on that 18 year olds pics.
by Frankcesco April 08, 2008
Someone who looks for younger girls on Bebo and asks them for sexual pleasures.
Jane - OMG some fuckin' Bebophile said he'd buy me 3 Bacardi Breezers for a blow job.

Sarah - No way delete him girlfriend
by Matt Turner91 September 02, 2007
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