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Young children who are rowdy and/or misbehaving, left alone to carry on with mischief. Often taking on a disheveled ungroomed appearance (nappy hair, ashy, barefoot).
1) I can tell we in the projects now. I just seen a whole bunch of them bebe kids.

2) Where are the parents? Im tired of these lil' bebe kids makin all this noise!

3) Look at those bebe kids trying to ride on the back of the ice cream truck.
by Lexy P July 02, 2006
A child or children who have no respect, care for others or home training. These children usually have problems because of poor parenting, or they might just be a rude careless child. Usually these children do not recieve punishment as much as they should.
What in the hell is that little boy doing?

He's cussing out some old lady while his mother stands nearby on the phone.

That's a bebe kid if I ever saw one.
by YMCMB all day December 05, 2009
Usually when someone calls a child or a group of children this names is refers to the way they act. ie: usually loud, ghetto, or plan and simple out of control.
mother: LaQuisha whurr ur sistah?
Laquisha: idk momma i think she in the yard
Mother: I swurr u kids act like a bunch of be be kids. Tell her to bring her narrow behind inside right now!!
by Jadine July 24, 2005
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