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Stands for Big Ebony Beef. A term for a large African-American penis.
Guy 1: Yo let's go pick up some girls tonight.

Guy 2: Nah, I just had a realization that I would rather get some B.E.B. tonight.
by Slophole91 August 31, 2010
short for "babe" or "baby." can be used to refer to an actual baby, or as a pet name.
1. "I could never have a beb because I hate changing diapers."

2. "Joe! How are you, beb? Long time, no see!"
by leecon March 30, 2005
A professional online gaming team specializing in First Person Shooter PC games. People coined the term "beb it" due to the overwhelming number of clutches that BEB has pulled off in playoff matches. Effectively it is a clutch action by a player that is the last remaining person alive on their team who needs to win the round for the match victory.
"You're alone, it's 1 v 3 but we need a plant. You're gonna have to beb it.
by SandyNeg October 24, 2010
Pronouced as: Beh-bss

Another way to say babes
Add on the end of totes to create ultimate gay line

"totes bebs"
Person: hey, did you want to go out for drinks tonight?
Person 2: oh totes bebs!
by Pat-dogg October 20, 2007
Hot girl shortened term for babe.
Hey beb your lookin good tonight.

Lets go get some bebs at the club.
by ReBeLaCe March 10, 2005
black eye bitch
"VIVIAN chill yur BEB face is killing me"
by unknown November 17, 2003
alcoholic drinks that get you buzzed
The bebs made the party hella dope.
by tipsy September 25, 2004