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This is an acronym for Big Eyed BOOL. It refers to a certain meat ball with bulging eyeballs also known as the infamous Ape Eyes.

Here is her life story:
She comes from a far away land where short dark brown creatures with salty brown leeps, foot long legs, and green juices squirting out of their brown pores roam around. Her birth name was bestowed upon her by a Tibetian monk named The Dalai Lama. She was born abnormally large, weighing in at a whopping 25 lbs 64 oz. 1/25/64 became her birth date thus.

As a child, "meatballs" as she was commonly known as, was often spit in the eye with spaghetti sauce, thus increasing the span of her eyeballs. This is how her blood shot eyes came to be about. One day in gym class, "meatballs soup salad (MSS)" was happily frolicking through the fields when all of a SUDDEN, THUN THUN THUN, Eloisa the bully who victimized the meats every day of her life finally trapped the meats in a corner. Eloisa swung her bat into the meatballs eyeballs because they were so enlarged that they were mistaken for baseballs. The meatballs then went blind and entered a triathlon to lose her blubber. While running she trips over a spaghetti string and rolls down the hill, only to find her eyeballs soaked in spaghetti sauce once again. ALAS! .. her vision has been revived! Meanwhile, on the other side of the hill, Eloisa took a sip of slim fast and thought she had her way...but OH NO, TOM arrives at the scene of the crime and steps in to defend her beloved sister. Tom takes out a homemade swatztika made out of bamboo shoots and slaps Eloisa silly. EESLAP EESLAP EESLAP! From then on...Tom has always been known as Hitler on Sundays.

After the traumatizing sauce incident, the BEBs then decided to start a new life overseas in America. She has come a long way and has aquired numerous nicknames other than Big Eyed Bool (BEBs): Meatnoodles (Meatnoods for short), Meatball Soup Salad (MSS), The Meats, The Meatees, Hapesboi, Hapesiree, Bob, Ape, Maah (Chinese translation: a piece of meat), Maah Mee (the original Chinese translation of meat noodles).
Deb the Beb with the Bools eye. She's always grumpy towards others and never says thank you. She expresses hatred by dilating her pupils; it is a mastered skill of hers called salt dilation.
by BoyBee March 11, 2009
short for "babe" or "baby." can be used to refer to an actual baby, or as a pet name.
1. "I could never have a beb because I hate changing diapers."

2. "Joe! How are you, beb? Long time, no see!"
by leecon March 30, 2005
A professional online gaming team specializing in First Person Shooter PC games. People coined the term "beb it" due to the overwhelming number of clutches that BEB has pulled off in playoff matches. Effectively it is a clutch action by a player that is the last remaining person alive on their team who needs to win the round for the match victory.
"You're alone, it's 1 v 3 but we need a plant. You're gonna have to beb it.
by SandyNeg October 24, 2010
Pronouced as: Beh-bss

Another way to say babes
Add on the end of totes to create ultimate gay line

"totes bebs"
Person: hey, did you want to go out for drinks tonight?
Person 2: oh totes bebs!
by Pat-dogg October 20, 2007
Stands for Big Ebony Beef. A term for a large African-American penis.
Guy 1: Yo let's go pick up some girls tonight.

Guy 2: Nah, I just had a realization that I would rather get some B.E.B. tonight.
by Slophole91 August 31, 2010
Hot girl shortened term for babe.
Hey beb your lookin good tonight.

Lets go get some bebs at the club.
by ReBeLaCe March 10, 2005
black eye bitch
"VIVIAN chill yur BEB face is killing me"
by unknown November 17, 2003
A nickname for a male significant other that you love very much. He may be annoying, loud, and obnoxious but you still love him. He likes to wear red and say the most stupidest shit that you may laugh at or may not. He cannot lie very well and you can catch him everytime he does. But you still love him anyways. Although a beb may have many flaws, you still love him because he accepts you for who you are and he still loves you regardless of all the flaws you may have. A beb is a special name to call that special someone.
" I love you beb!" , "Hey beb, I've missed you so much.", "Beb, you make me so happy." , and when he pisses you off and you want to piss your beb off you say "Beb you're stupid!" or "Beb, shut the fuck up!"
by Chereallll Annnn January 03, 2010