the art of going down on a beeatch....
so, last night I asked my man to go beavin..... And it was neat
by shawna donkey August 02, 2003
Top Definition
a crotch shot from a sloppy drunk chick when she's not wearing panties.

"did you just see that? That drunk hoe just slipped on the dance floor! Dude, she was beavin!"
by Kris 24 April 23, 2003
Adj. - Is when you fien for the pussy badder then usual to the highest extent.
James: I really want fuck Christina so bad I want her to give me that pussy.
Carlos: Damn James you really beavin'
by jaky October 28, 2015
Adjective, used to describe something that has the attribute of 'having it large'.

Derives from the phrase 'letsbeavinit'.
"Last night was great, wasn't it?"

"Slap ma fro ma nibnob, it was right on beavin', man!"
by Daniel Z Burgess October 26, 2005
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