a less sever form of cuntface or cunthead
Yo, beaverface, get out of my way. You annoying the hell out of me, beaverface.
by i swear to drunk i'm not god November 09, 2005
Top Definition
A term used to define an over thirties man who has all the following characteristics:

1. A goatee
2. Bald or balding
3. Spectacles (rounded)
4. A gut
5. An inflated opinion of himself

He is likely to have a Harley-Davidson and come from Canada/U.S. although the phenomenum is spreading to the U.K.. Particularly common in English language schools abroad.
What the new guy like?
- Another damn beaver face. Where do they make them?
by Joe Peters September 30, 2007
a person whose face resembles a beaver with such characteristics like bucked teeth

See Miley Cyrus
Person 1: Have you ever notice that Miley Cyrus looks like a


Person 2: Yeah, she's such a beaver face
by make.a.wish December 10, 2009
A facial expression made when:

1. Someone thinks you're crazy because of your actions or how your dressed.

2. A person is confused about something.

3. Someone sees something that grosses them out.

Coined by the blogger "Rockchild"


1. Why is she giving me the beaver face? There's nothing hanging from my nose!

2. With the overbite he's packing, I'll hate to see his beaver face.

3. One more beaver face from you and I'll donate your ass to a zoo!
by e-Katja January 07, 2007
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