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(born c.1310 in Illesheim, Windsheim; died May 15, 1381 in Neumarkt) was a famous German robber baron in the Middle Ages.

In 1369 he was indicted for his robberies in the Nuremberg region. He famously escaped death on the gallows when his horse leapt into the Nuremberg Castle moat, but was caught again and executed by breaking wheel in 1381. In the sixteenth century the first folk songs were recorded about him and gradually he became a legendary romantic hero.
Good luck trying to find more info on Eppelein von Gailingen.
by e-Katja January 07, 2007
A facial expression made when:

1. Someone thinks you're crazy because of your actions or how your dressed.

2. A person is confused about something.

3. Someone sees something that grosses them out.

Coined by the blogger "Rockchild"


1. Why is she giving me the beaver face? There's nothing hanging from my nose!

2. With the overbite he's packing, I'll hate to see his beaver face.

3. One more beaver face from you and I'll donate your ass to a zoo!
by e-Katja January 07, 2007

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