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It's a farting game. The object of the game is after one commits the deed, all others in the surrounding area have but mere nanoseconds to touch wood with one hand, whilst placing the thumb of the free hand atop the head, wiggling their fingers and screaming "Beaver Weasel"...the last person to do so, is the loser and figuratively earns the title of "Fart Eater Extradionaire". Originally played in the halls of Montezuma.
Sylvia Louise enters five seconds after her asshole trumpets her arrival, causing a great panic amongst the group assembled, as each person looks for a piece of wood, Sylvia pulls a wooden spatula from behind her back and places her dainty hand upon on her head, fingers a wiggling and triumphantly screams "Beaver Weasel, you ate it!"
by SkunksGet a bad rap June 15, 2007

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