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The act of eating anothers farts.
Perkins is a real fart eater. He just sucked that fart right out of Jonah's ass! Um. Paul, I think you have something in your teath.
by Ruben Mendez May 11, 2006
someone who likes the taste of farts in the morning after they have just brushed their teeth with the pubic hair of a 45 year old mexican porn star who specilises in baking shepeards pie
boy he is one fart eater
by frankendoodle August 02, 2004
Someone who opens their mouth ready to absorb any butt dischanges of another.

Such toilet humour often occurs after an individuals meal of beans/burritos or bean burritos
I just ate this burrito

Can I eat some of the gaseous discharges you ay eventually release?
by danny April 02, 2005
A farteater is a person whose moral character smells but they hide it like an odor eater. They cover up their moral stench.
Stacey thought his shit didn't stink, but that clever fox discovered that Toby is nothing more than a farteater.
by eschatologicalsanguine April 11, 2011
1.Some 1 who instead of eating dick sucks farts id make her suck my ass and let one rip then squeezze her head with my asscheeks and suufocate her
2.morgan P second name.
by BEHN April 08, 2003
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