Tanjida Tasmin
Tanjida Tasmin defines beauty
by AvatarAangAmik March 21, 2013
The opposite of me
by Cheyne96 December 23, 2011
A matter of opinion.
"Oh wow . . . he's beautiful"
"No he's not"
by Hushducky October 29, 2003
beauty or bewty is slang used in south wales (mainly from abertridwr)

means when someone isnt nice or a complete dickhead or you dont like them

only really sounds right with a welsh accent

(when you say it, emphasise the BEAU) EG: BEAUty
person 1: did you see what bob did the other day?

person 2: yeah hes a right beauty
by DanielXxX October 02, 2007
(noun, USA) An unsociable poker opponent
Hey, you splashed the pot and shorted it. You're a beauty.
by Jive Dadson May 11, 2007
Can be used as an adjective, a noun, a verb when you wish to appear to have an IQ below 90. Used at nauseam by the Great Reznet Lauchim
"That song's Beauty"
as an acknowledgment "Beauty Beauty!"
"Let's Beauty that up!"
"That sounds Beauty to me!"
"Now that was a Beauty!"
"Do you know where Beauty went?"
as a threat- "Buddy I'll Beauty you up real bad!"
"Hell, ya we Beautied all night long!"
by King Snail Trail June 06, 2004
(noun. poker, USA) an unpleasant poker opponent (sometimes used to bust balls)
You're a beauty. First you try running an angle on a new player, then you splash the pot and short it.
by Jive Dadson May 11, 2007

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