When someone wants to fuck you when they see you or think about you that is so beautiful.
Hailey K. is so Beautifuck that I want to ram her like a train instead of nut all over her nuttingly gorgeous nut-looking pussy.
by Niggafaggot231231231 June 26, 2009
a a variation of the word beautiful
some thing that is beauti-fuck is so beautiful you want to fuck it
by the hamburger helper June 22, 2007
a word to describe someone who is absolutely fucking gorgeous.
"what are you talking about Jimmy? You're beautifuck!"
by punkindrublic November 23, 2003
It’s when you fuck a really gorgeous girl for no apparent reason. Usually happens to a mediocre to semi good-looking male with a hot casual friend or a random from the bar. Ugly people may need the assistance of alcohol or roofies, and in most case that’s illegal.
One thing lead to another, then bam, another beautifuck.
by the captain March 30, 2005
A non-sexual situation that leaves the person feeling so victorious that they feel a little bit sexually aroused.
Person 1: Man, I was so prepared for that exam! I just flew through the questions. They were even short answer!
Person 2: Yeah, dude, that's great...
Person 1: I've never felt so confident. It was beautifuck. Goddamn.
by Fuckface III July 31, 2014

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