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Noun. 1) A suburban shithole. 2) Anywhere town USA. 3) Any of the one million towns across the USA that consist of two dozen chain stores, a couple thousand one story homes, graph-paper streets, and your standard public service facilities. See: Mid-America. Republican districts. Lower middle class living.
Ethan: Where are we?
Malcom: Beatsville.
Ethan: No, there's the sign, Oxnard.


Jake: Where's the next gas station?
Malcom: Beatsville.
Jake: No, I think there's one in Chula Vista.


Samantha: Where's the meeting?
Malcom: Beatsville.
Samantha: Yeah, Lancaster's a shithole. Not as bad as Barstow though.
Malcom: Let's not split hairs over this one, babe.
by RyKirb September 17, 2008
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