1. A fistfight where the odds are stacked highly in one of the two participants favours, commonly resulting in broken bones and softening of the face.

2. The climax of a hardcore song, usually a down-tempo combination of palm muted open strings/extensive pinch harmonics and low end chords, where crowd participant's can quite simply unleash the beast on one another.

3. fucking awesome.
"Did you see that fight outside the bar last night?"
"Mate, that wasn't even a fight, poor guy just got a serious beatdown"

"Have you heard Nasty's new album???"
"Yeah, when i heard the beatdown on track 4 i thought i was going to void my bowels"
by thickasblood December 25, 2008
the dance of the hardcore kid.... it is when the guitarist simply stums the D or C string open.....
"chug chug chug chug" lets beatdown......in the pit.... ??????????? eyazh yeahasklm ;l ,, ;l,;l,
by Noby July 07, 2004
The act of pumbling, destroying, and smashing a disgusting creature, especially ostriches, salamanders, junebugs, armadillos, and orangutang. Beat downs are given if and only if the act of being crusty or ugly is committed. They are given very often and involve fists and feet, or anything wet.
The ostrich and salamander were so crusty they received a beat down from an oyster and a mole rat
by Iamwet November 11, 2014
A male ejaculation party that is bigger than just a jerk-circle. Consists of about 10-20 people.
You. Me. Beat Down. 10:00 P.M. BYOL (Bring Your Own Lube)
by Big Wang Bob January 08, 2012
To receive a BEAT DOWN would be equivalent to getting your ass seriously beaten by another person or persons; to have one's ass handed to them; to be "pounded into the ground" by someone who doesn't like you.
"Hey, look at that lil' wimp bitch over there. Lets go give him a beat down."
by EmAr33 December 21, 2006
Verb. (1) To offer a sound drubbing. (2) To administer a free for all fun-less festival of fisticuffs. (3) To lay the smiggidy smack down.
When asked what happened, Jeff answered, "I seem to have beat down the individual."
by Jlevy August 02, 2005
A dance where you sort of punch violently downwards, one of the safer things to do in a mosh pit.
That emo girl just tried to beat down my ass, you think she wants me?
by dj_monged August 08, 2004
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