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5 definitions by wj

To harbor a secret (often homosexual) crush on a young male televison and/or film star. While this star is not necessarily always Frankie Muniz, the term arose from the number of times (at least 614 viewings between 2003 and 2006) a self-proclaimed heterosexual middle-management supervisor in Cincinnati admitted to watching the AGENT CODY BANKS films. While he claimed this was only to see Angie Harmon this did not explain the number of times he admitted to watching CODY BANKS 2 (447 from 2004 to 2006). Said individual also admitted frequently enjoying a roman candle during viewing of these films.
He wants to go see SPY KIDS 3? No, trust me, it's not because of Carla Gugino. He's got a total flaming muniz for Daryl Sabara.
by WJ June 19, 2006
1 3
A man who likes another mans ass.

WJ was loving the ass snex had
by WJ March 07, 2005
17 20
A gay homo. Someone who likes to have sex up there ass.
WJ thanked Snex for the fine snex he was having
by WJ March 07, 2005
22 25
Anal stimulation via finger in the ass
Marthby enjoyed the snex action that was goin on...
by WJ March 07, 2005
14 18
An adjective to describe an extremely unattractive female. Particularly relevent in college greek life.
"Girls, be nice to the rushees, even the beat down ones."
by wj November 21, 2004
7 30