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Complaining about a circumstance or situation
Dont Beat Up
by Thahib October 11, 2009
12 9
When a female's pussy is not good anymore, expired. Usually wide enough to shove a bowling ball up in it.
"Yo son I got a 15 inch dick and I still couldnt get shorty to moan. That shit was all beat up! I guess thats what i get for fuckin 70 year old streetwalkers?!"
by Flo-town November 28, 2003
44 41
To be messed up/fucked up; basically replaced in any sentence where fucked up is used as an adjective.
Example 1:
Lukas: Franklin took a shit on the ice last night when we were ice fishing.

Jake: Are you serious??

Lukas: Yeah, is that beat up?

Jake: That's beat the fuck up

Example 2:
Lukas: Did you hear Katie pretended she was pregnant with twins just so people would feel bad for her?

Jake: Katie lies all the time. She's beat up.
by chief7323 January 14, 2014
1 0
to cuddle with perfect girlfriend/boyfreind
im tryna go beat up my girl
by Kennyxxx June 20, 2010
6 6
Basically to do something like homework etc. quickly.
Yo Mi have the Spanish Homework to beat up when I go home.
by deeabee May 21, 2010
3 6
A term referring to a badly damaged object, usually a car.
"Those wheels is real beat up, yo."
by Tom September 30, 2003
8 14
Term used to describe something that is wrong.
<Clubber 1>Man i got shit at the fuckin club on some fake beans
<Clubber 2>Thats BEAT UP man.
by Eckstahsee December 18, 2003
13 20