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to fist pump, starting out by drum-rolling on the floor, working your way up to full on creeped out fist-pumping in a Jersey Shore club or bar with all your guido and guidette pals. Can only be done to house music while in a trashy outfit for girls, Ed Hardy clothing for guys, complete with a fake tan, and in girls' case, a Snooki-esque pouf or blonde and black extensions like JWoww's. Can be taken to the next level by fist-pumping while switching your legs back and forth to the beat.
DJ Pauly D: We just had to beat up that beat, man.

Ronnie: Dude, we really beat up that beat last night at Karma!!!

Vinny: After I get a few drinks in me, the real Vinny comes out to play! I effin' beat up that beat like none other!
by Stage Soprano February 06, 2010
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