When someone does something that is so terribly disgusting it can be compared to beastiality.(having intercoarse with animals)
Kelly put a pineapple in the dirt then shoved it into her vagina! Thats beastly!
by A lost purse November 04, 2010
Having the right characteristics to be a beast. An action performed described as beast.
Dude, that was beastly.
by savergen June 11, 2009
1. When refering to a female, beastly means she is just that. A beast you would not want to go anywhere near.

2. When referring to anything else, it simply means large or impressive.
1. I would not go near that beastly she-bitch, not even to talk to her hot friend!

2. That is one beastly truck you have there.
by JakeStar August 17, 2005
To be the or close to the best at one particular subject, affair, fight, game, ordeal, etc.

Can be prounounced 'bestly', in comparison to the accepted pronunciation 'beestly'.
He is so beastly at everything, that everyone voted him to become king of the universe and everyone will behold his rule.
by imfightingthisjihadtoo April 25, 2008
That is so Kobe/Beastly.
by merriam webster.com August 23, 2008
a bad ass villain from the popular 80's cartoon care bears
man beastly is so bad ass
by beelzeboob October 05, 2006
it goes from fag, lame, cool, nice, saweet, awsome, and beastly. beastly is rarely used in that not much things are beastly
kid 1: dude im getting a XBOX 360

kid 2: dude thats beastly i got to come over and play it some time
by Adam Spicer January 22, 2007

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