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A coined word of beast and fantastic.

Usually used to describe someone or something that is amazing, snazzy, cool, or hilarious in any way, shape, or form.
Also, it is used as a snide remark or comment in certain situations.
"WOW! That's one beastastic move you got there!"

"...just beastastic..."

"Those are some pretty beastastic socks you are wearing today."
by N^2 March 13, 2008

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A coined word of beast and fantastic.

An adjective that describes something or someone that is amazing, cool, snazzy, or extremely awesome. Used, most often, as compliments or sarcastic remarks.
"Woah! Dude, Reanna that is a beastastic move!!!"

"Wow, you are absolutely beastastic..."

"Can't get much more beastastic than that..."
by N^2 March 12, 2008