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a big dog from the east coast
my cousin is a beast from the east
by tengrand004 July 11, 2006
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A young girl that you had the misfortune of meeting and dating which resulted in a child being conceived. Usually resides in the NY/NJ area. This person was at one point tolerable to the human eye, but has since become a hot damn mess somewhat resembling a beast. You can usually find such a mess lurking around in your local dive bars preying on pathetic drunks for attention and sexual favors. These creatures have a very peculiar tendency to mount anything that breathes to suffice their astrological "so called" high sex drive. They are quite nauseating at first glance, even after consuming large quantities of alcohol. Tends to be taller than average, wide set body framed, and have very large and stinky sasquatch feet. Usually has a chin like Jay Leno, an insanely huge forehead and a gap between the two front teeth that is the size of a football field.
I pray to God that I never meet a Beast From The East!
by FingerLickinGood! December 23, 2009
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Beast from the East is used to describe an ugly looking woman, similar to minger, and skank.

Some Beast from the East features may include; obesity, disgusting teeth, bingo wings, acne, milk bottle glasses, shit clothes, scabs, squint eyes, female version of Sloth from The Goonies, etc.

It is thought to originate in med-evil times, when nasty looking females would be banished to far off lands.
Oh man that girl is a Beast from the East, she was damn ugly!

You just kissed a Beast from the East, you must be super drunk!
by papastilto September 12, 2008
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