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2 definitions by papastilto

Relating to both males and females, to say someone is or has a Pizza Pus is someone who has super bad acne. This is so severe and nasty that it makes their face resemble a pizza.

Pus in this case means face, see pus/puss and also pus/puss that would come from spots/zits. The sheer amount of lumpy puss filled spots/zits look like cheese, the redness of the skin resembles tomato.

Especially bad cases may be topped with pepperoni. This will be like a large scab or perhaps mutated spot!
He had a total pizza pus, he needed help as he was getting no lady love.
by papastilto September 12, 2008
Beast from the East is used to describe an ugly looking woman, similar to minger, and skank.

Some Beast from the East features may include; obesity, disgusting teeth, bingo wings, acne, milk bottle glasses, shit clothes, scabs, squint eyes, female version of Sloth from The Goonies, etc.

It is thought to originate in med-evil times, when nasty looking females would be banished to far off lands.
Oh man that girl is a Beast from the East, she was damn ugly!

You just kissed a Beast from the East, you must be super drunk!
by papastilto September 12, 2008