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A homosexual animal that comes out at night to feast on young boys. Usually a sad animal that can't get passed its ungodly looks. A.K.A. The Uglitus Faggitus
BEWARE OF BEARKAT: All that come within this vicinity will be molested...
by Jesaih March 02, 2008
The one and only, The Great Bearkats, from Sam Houston State, That Baylor, has nothing on. Macho-Macho, manly-man of a bearkat.
Dang check out them bearkats, way better than Bayolrs mascot.
by Mike D. V. March 02, 2008
Mascot of the number one school in America...!!!(God Bless America)
Let's go bearkats! Eat'em up Kats...!!!
by Mike D. V. March 02, 2008

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