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A moan, groan, or growl that can be used under all circumstances. Often used instead of the word "barf". Pronunciation: bear-fff
Do you have fingers lizard? Because I noticed your hands are mad bearfy.

Ahhh! OHhhh! Bearf!!!!! so to speak.

Someone bearfed a pile the size of Jacob's head on my futon! Must have been Tom.
by Irmo Nabe December 26, 2007
1. When someone barfs whilst drunk, unknowing having some still in his beard. Common, but not limited to, modern day bearded drunk hipsters, mountain men, bikers, or questionable creepy guy at the party who can't hold his liquor.

2. When someone walks around with a good amount of vomit still on his chin.
Tom: "Dude, did u see how drunk Jimmy was at the party?"
Steve: "Yeah his girlfriend wouldn't because he sported a bearf most of the night."
by chrispd89 February 19, 2014
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