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The act of hitting someone so hard in a single blow that they expire mortally as a result. Derived from 'The Golden Compass, in which Iorek Byrnison, a giant talking battlebear king, kills an opponent by knocking off his jaw in a single blow.
Basically a one shot, but usually applied to blows about the head and neck.
An expanded interpretation allows for any sort of killing blow or devastating attack, especially while fighting at a disadvantage.
Typically used it highly dramatic circumstance.
Yesterday I was mugged by a crackhead in Tampa. Instead of handing over my ice, I said 'Go get a job, crackhead.' As he raised his knife in retaliation I punched the junkie so hard in the teeth that his jaw flew out the BACK of his SKULL. This is an excellent real life example of a bear crit.
by apoth December 09, 2007
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