British colloquialism for "beanfeast"; a party, festival, celebration, always with food. An enjoyable good time.
We're having the company beano at Nicole's place this year.
by Lord John Whorfin October 02, 2013
Top Definition
This is slang for a "lads' trip" away on the piss...kind of like a stag-do, but there's no need for anyone to get married. Any excuse will do....
Goin on a beano with the lads to well tanked on last's years beano, and plan to do so again..
by Oli July 07, 2004
Someone of whom is white as shit
'Fuck beano where did you go''. You would say this when walks in front of a white wall
by white as shit boy September 05, 2016
Beanos is a slang word for the pill form of ecstacy.

"how many Beanos you done olly", "ive just double dropped mate"
by MESSHEADS August 16, 2008
slang for a gram of marijuana, everyone i know uses this one, i cant believe im the first to post it.
Beanos for sale beanos for sale, get em while theyre fat.
YO i got a beano u guys wanna hit some fat buckets?
by mayser January 11, 2005
AKA Party Boy. To be in an eternal state of partying. When asked what you are doing, to resbond "Oh I'm just partying"
Also a product used to reduce gas.
"Man Beano was a party boy when he hung out with Sailor Jerry"
by K-money May 10, 2004
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