a edible lollipop that grows a harry man and makes you fart
I eat beano all the time.
by I have a harry man March 11, 2003
A small pill capsule filled with heroin.
I dart 2 beano's everyday before work.
by Stown July 06, 2009
(n) The most delicious of foods, Taco Bell's bean burrito. $0.89 and it is a slice of heaven. Usually ordered with a free cup for water, which is used to steal some Mt. Dew.
Dude, I'm like mad hungry. I would sell my soul for a double beano with green Dew.
by dj tickle September 13, 2006
Another term used for cocaine, Or cocaine when busted into lines
Lets do some beanos.
by MBR1985 August 20, 2008
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