A good lookin' girl. A babe etc
I went to Steve'z party and got this lovely beaniez number, man she is soooo FIT.
by Safecracker G October 29, 2004
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a beanie is usually woollen and it is worn by skaters and pople who are cold.
Jules: I'm cold
Champ: You douchebag you forgot your bloody beanie. Now you are gonna freeze to death
by margaret June 06, 2004
One particular girl who is very beautiful and cute. She is very inteligent. Her smile lights up any room dimmed by the dull weathers of england. If you saw her for the very first time you would Never be able to look away. When you look into her eyes your heart smiles with joy. If you were ever lucky enough to know a Beanie you would be crazy and mentally ill not to find her the most beautiful girl you have ever seen.
Oh and obviously it's a nickname. Sometimes...
by Xenon1223 April 10, 2010
A small amphetamine (speed) related pill.
I just took some beanies so that I can run faster after I rob this place.
by pseudonymJDD May 09, 2009
(Australian/English slang) Uncircumcised penis, i.e. intact with the foreskin concealing the glans, which to some, strangely resembles the soft, crumpled woolen headwear!

Antonym: Helmet
When I was at high school, we'd play handball and often separate into different teams using physical aspects, such as light hair vs. dark, talls vs. shorts and of course, beanies vs. helmets!
by Bag O'Turnips April 14, 2008
A Scottish word for grandmother.

The definition of an incredible woman.
What are you doing today?

Going to my Beanie's house!

OH MY GOSH!!! You're so lucky!!!
by xxpseudonymxx September 18, 2012
a not so common stereotype.
usually put on people who dont give a shit. and would rather die young, then get old.
(but that doesnt mean that they are suicidal, oh no)

they spend most of their time with friends, and listen to anytype of music,
usually found in parks, sliding or swinging.

like to take walks.
and are most likely to fail school and join hippy communes
or finish school,
with a good grades in english, science and art.

sometimes have brightly coloured hair. and can likely be seen chewing gum.

laugh at things that most "normal" people wouldnt laugh at, or would disapprove of. beanies are amused by burning things and just causing plain havock.

they can be any sexuality.lesbian, gay, bisexual or omnisexual.

the only bad thing about them, is that they talk to fucking much and swear waaaayyy more the normal people.
"i dont having a fucking example BEEATCH! (: "

is what the beanie said when urban dictionary asked for an example.
by peter file. July 31, 2008
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