A phrase coined by the illustrious Sirius Radio personality "Jason Ellis"

A beanie is when a man is recieving oral sex, and just before the power load is released, the female opponent directs the power load straight up into the air catching it on top of her head...If it goes to far and lands on the back of the head it is known as a "Mullet"
This hot chick with a nice donkey gave me a beanie last night.
by Eagle Cock December 08, 2008
when a girl is soft, sweet, snuggly and cute like a beanie baby
"i miss snuggling with my beanie"
by beanie1976 January 21, 2009
Can be used in place of any positive adjective eg. she's beanie, did ye get dat beanie's number. Can also be used as an alternative to sex related activites such as i beanied her, she gave me beanie, i beanied the both of them.
i'm beanie, your beanie he/she/we are beanie, they are beanie, we're all beanie
by MisterEyeahboi December 20, 2008
Another name for an ecstacy tablet.
Dealer "hey you wants some e?"

Guy "nah, i've got my own beanie's"
by Colin Willett December 18, 2007
a tall blonde sexy girl, everyone wants to be her basically. people stop and stare as she walks on by, flicking her hair.
that girl is fine, she must be beanie.
by Fanjo. March 22, 2008
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