An Automated Teller Machine; or ATM.
I'm out of cash. Before we go out I've got to go tip over a bean machine.
by ar42dent August 18, 2005
Top Definition
see rice rocket - but with a Hispanic influence and/or driver. Found all over America, but more common in Texas and California, Honda Civics and similar cars are tricked out and ghetto-ized by more and more Mexicans and hispanics every day.

Cars are easily identified by hanging Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Guatemalan, etc. flags hanging from the rear-view mirror.
Guy 1) Man, did you see that rice rocket fly by with the 4 foot tall spoiler?
Guy 2) No bro - there was the red, white and green hangin - that was a bean machine.
by RMurphy February 05, 2007
A mobile burrito stand
Everyday at the construction site, mexicans get lunch from the bean machine.
by Flinn September 15, 2005
a tool used to stimulate and pleasure females mostly.
Hunnie do you want to use your bean machine in bed tonight?
by Lil' Bean Muff January 01, 2009
bean machine is a cool machine that produces fight clubs for fun
you bean go make me another fight club
by biggav88 February 18, 2005
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