Nick-name for one of your close chums with an over active interest in everything, even if it is not their business!
Beaky is a very nice chap who can read upside down and has bigger ears than average.
by Beaky Blake February 08, 2005
Top Definition
a real talky bitch with a large nose that likes to poke around and squawk a whole bunch
Me: God your ugly, mind your own shit how bout?
Beaky Bitch: Chirp chirp??
Me: no
by Tim Fedyakin October 08, 2007
Cup with a lid on it, like for children making the transition from bottle to regular, "grown-up" cup. Also can denote a baby bottle, since kids always want to feel grown-up.
Awwww, you dropped your beaky! Bu bu bu, don't cry-- we'll get you some more appa juice.
by FST November 19, 2004
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