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a fetish in which a person finds sexual gratification by lying at the foot of a bed while 2 or more people copulate in it.
My mom caught me beagling last week. She and dad kicked me out of their room.

Beagling is the best part of having a roommate in college.
by Salvador Kashmere October 14, 2011
The poshest sort of dogging (eng. colloquial. having sex outdoors, norm. for an audience).
1. "Mate have you seen my pashmina? I'm meeting Harriet for some Beagling"

2. "Mate I put my Hunters one and beagled this girl on the bonnet of my Range Rover last night."
by razwinch June 26, 2014
Having sex doggie style, man in back behind woman. Like Beagles have sex.
Beagling a girl is the best position.
by walker78593874392236 January 28, 2010

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