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A state of being after a lethargic summer day spent smoking pot and drinking. Typically characterized by rolled pants, blistered lips, and a misplaced one hitter.
I'm turning into a beach comber, I better go home.
by tterragnoslen May 26, 2007
1.A person who spends every waking moment of their life at the beach. 2.
They are usually very tan, have lots of sunburns, or many freckles. 3.They usually own a sun hat of some sort and wear it to the beach often.

4.If they are not tan, they they are always slabbing on lots of sunscreen all over themselves, especially their faces.

5.The best example of a beachcomber would be a partially large man you see at the beach all the time. He wears the same red and white striped boxers or speedo. When he's not in the water (which he usually is), he's eating, playing with the sand, or trying hard to get half a tan.
Ew, mom, I'm not going to Nantasket Beach! It's filled with tons of beachcombers!

Hey, see that man over there? He is SUCH a beachcomber! I see him here every time I come to the beach.
by Jilllovesconor July 20, 2009
verb- to perform oral sex on a woman with a sandy blonde bush.
" yo blake, you shoulda seen that chicks bush friday night, it was ridiculous, so i gave her a beachcomber"
by lifty May 01, 2010
a place where people that are gods work or used to work
robbie and jake used to work at the beachcomber, they are gods
by Laxy December 04, 2007
A real estate agency located on Hooper Avenue in Brick, New Jersey
My house is listed for sale by Beachcomber Realty.
by Sheedz February 07, 2008
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