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A friend with obsessive digital camera habits who subsequently posts all images without editing in blogs, Flikr, Myspace, etc.. The modern phenomenon of constant personal photo coverage by friends with digitals.
God, I felt like Lady Di after that bitch pulled a digital paparazzi last night. Have you seen the slideshow?
by tterragnoslen May 26, 2007
A state of being after a lethargic summer day spent smoking pot and drinking. Typically characterized by rolled pants, blistered lips, and a misplaced one hitter.
I'm turning into a beach comber, I better go home.
by tterragnoslen May 26, 2007
a compound word phrase refering to kafka and stephen king. refering to a piece of art, lit., or film which embodies both the tacit matter of fact existential horror of franz kafka's writing and the pop culture comedic horror of stephen king. this is where king, hence informed by kafka, makes vast strokes of sentimentality and commonality dramatically horrific.
"jerome, your symbols of domestic entrapment in the new paintings are very kafkingian; the anthropomorphic utensils create a lot of tension...yet are somehow very naive and comic."
by tterragnoslen October 14, 2007
A turkish leprechaun.
Lucky charm she found the lahmacun with the gold teeth over the rainbow.
by tterragnoslen May 26, 2007

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