A smiley face that became popular amongst players of the first person shooter video games QuakeWorld and CPMA, particularly the Australian QuakeWorld players. It became more than just a smiley, and can be used in a number of contexts.

A variation is the V-ism Be, identified by the 4 B's but only 1 e. This is named after V-ism, a fighting style in Street Fighter Alpha 3.


What do you think of that car?

by weedbix December 27, 2005
BE - 'Break Even" is the score a player needs to get to stay the same value. If a player has a BE of 40 and scores higher than 40 he will increase in value, if he scores less than 40 he will decresase. To work out a players BE you use a formula. At the start of the season the formula was Players Value / 6425 x 2 (-minus last 2 scores)

The value 6425 changes from week to week but seems to be around the 6200 mark at the moment.
How much will gallen and smith drop to next week? trying to work out if I buy gallen or harrison! I need the BE !
by save the cheerleaders July 11, 2011
to exist
Isn't it lovely to be alive?
Isn't it lovely to exist?
by Samantha February 12, 2004
Black elite. this usually refers to affluent African American immigrants spread over the United States, and also black "money" in general.
Peter is a BE, don't trust him.

I hear his parents let him do whatever, they're such BE's.

BE's tend to be involved with performance enhancing drugs and sexual goals.
by PeterII May 22, 2011
As spell itt rite said
"Ebonics for am/are/is."
But correctly used it means something happening right now.

Correct: My ears be itch'in.
(They only itch sometimes)
Incorrect: He be a doctor.
(He's a doctor all the time)
by MSD3 November 03, 2006
Just a cool word used in sentences at random areas. It be coo you be know be?
Yo dis class be gay. I be hate getting up to pee, so i be sit here and be do it in my pants. Oh Bo Ginn be a fag with red hair. Let us all laughing.
by DisBeJT February 02, 2005
pornography shorthand. refers to stories containing bestiality, or sex with animals.
This story has BE content. Get down and dirty with the foxes! (Really.)
by lemonlime December 08, 2004
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