a warning of shooting

sound used by people to simulate spray of bullets
bddat bddat nigga take that

person 1: ohhh shit, drive by, run
by Bowlby September 28, 2004
The sound "gangstas" make while running up and down the halls of a suburban high school, usually done to irritate people. In some circumstances it is used in a gang display and is accompanied by a hand gesture where the hand is made to look like a pistol.
Gangsta #1 "man nigga i am gonna cap you in yo grill."
Gangsta #2 "no you aint nigga, (begins running and gesturing) bddat!"
by Cioffski February 28, 2006
i wanna tap that shit!
*cute girl walks by*
dude: bdddat!
by your mama March 27, 2004

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