BDD is an acronym that stands for big dirty dick.

so this girls like, "i'm hungry."
and i'm like, "oh! i got some bdd you can have."
"whats that?" she asks
some big dirty dick.
by uh sosa December 09, 2009
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Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a condition that involves a preoccupation with a perceived defect in appearance. Individuals with BDD experience excessive shame, anxiety, and often depression about their appearance. They often seek dermatologic or cosmetic surgical procedures and frequently use or avoid mirrors. Much of their self-worth is related to how they feel about their appearance.

People with BDD have a distorted or exaggerated view of how they look and are obsessed with actual physical characteristics or perceived flaws, such as a certain facial feature or imperfections of the skin. They often think of themselves as ugly or disfigured. They have problems controlling negative thoughts about their appearance, even when reassured by others that they look fine and that the minor or perceived flaws aren't noticeable or excessive.

BDD symptoms are often reminiscent of OCD symptoms. BDD is thought by many to be a part of the obsessive-compulsive disorders spectrum.

Treatment may involve a combined approach involving medication and talk therapy (psychotherapy). Antidepressants or other types of medications used along with cognitive behavior therapy can help people with BDD manage the obsession and anxiety about their appearance, increase confidence in how they look, and obtain normalcy in their social and work lives.

More information can be found online at sites such as BDDCentral and in books like The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder, by Katharine A. Phillips, and The Adonis Complex: The Secret Crisis of Male Body Obsession by Harrison G. Pope Jr., Katharine A. Phillips, and Roberto Olivardia.
Alexandra's excessive grooming habits, avoidance of social situations, and preoccupation with the shape of her ears, nose, and elbows led me to believe she had developed BDD.
by mata hari February 25, 2008
Bitch Dependency Disease. The act of when a friend rather be with his girlfriend(Bitch) than with hes friends.
Dude, quit BDDing and hang out with us.
You got BDD so bad.
by Austin James Brown October 18, 2008
'Back Door Dry'. To have anal sex without the use of lubricant.
Girl - "I want to try anal tonight but we have no lube"

Boy - "Don't worry I'll stick it in BDD"
by Smaler October 08, 2014
stands for Big Daddy Dick....

Big Daddy Dick is a dude that has it packing, his dick is so good,I its gonna make you want to behave and listening to him like your father.

1. Big
2. Fat (dont have to be)
3. good length
4. guy should be sexy
5. thick
yo0 Leslie i was talking to Adam last night and he sent me a picture of his dick.. omg.. he has such a B.D.D.


i seen Shawn's dick last night, its thick and juicy , he got that B.D.D.
by XcLuSiVe_Angel-Freak May 31, 2010
(Big Dick Dale) thee act of using a penis pump while shooting steroids straight into the shaft and lifting weights with a erection lasting longer than 4 hours
chuck norris invented the B.D.D.
by bass fishermann 9000 February 07, 2011
BDD is the acronym for Big Daddy Dylan. He is the sexiest man alive, point blank. He is given the honor of having the acronym BDD for several reasons. 1. His amazing physique. 2. His captivating, awe-inspiring personality. 3. His way with words in text message format. 4. His father, Joel. 5. His ability to love endlessly (not in a sexual manner). 6. His ability to love endlessley (in a sexual manner). 7. His creative genius (Which can be further exhibited in his personal YouTube videos - If further investigation is needed of said reason, search "5 Dolla Pimp Shades" on YouTube)
BDD is an ispiration to all who cross his path. He can bring tears to young girl's eyes, much like his BFF Justin Bieber. His capacity for caring continually blows my mind.
I would love to have BDD's babies.
by mesadrea May 14, 2010

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