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an extreme baller that everyone tries to be like and adores
Check out that B-dawg, thats amazing! I wanna be like that.
by WhitSpit October 17, 2007
18 10
Any man whos name starts with a "b" and is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. A smooth talker with a bad ass attitude. Down for anything. Smart. A friend you should always have by your side if your about to go into War. Battle Bud. Bud Buddy.
Bea, go get B-Dawg so that we can go out tonight.
by BrandenAkAB-Dawg February 12, 2009
16 12
Nickname for people with names starting with B. This nickname is given to the realest niggas.
"Yo, BDawg your a real nigga."
by RealestNigguh May 25, 2013
2 0
A hot white rapper. He is the best white rapper ever. better than Eminem. the ultimate pimp and everyone wants to be him. he so hawt
He so hot he must be a bdawg!
by Ben April 04, 2005
10 30